You might have often heard that yoga practice and vegetarianism go hand in hand, and it might have bothered you about why you need to have a vegetarian diet to be a yogi. The crux of the matter is that different kind of food kindle the different parts of our brain. While fruits and vegetables spark the satvik or calming elements in your body, too much meat and protein-rich food invariably incite the rajasic and tamasic element that leads to excitement, anger, or even desires. While there is no reason for absolutely abstaining from non-veg but a predominantly vegetarian diet is always helpful.

Toning the Body Better

I feel that a predominantly vegetarian diet helped me to tone and adapt my body better to the rigors of yoga. After all, yoga helps in detoxing the body, cleansing the internal organs, strengthening the immune system, and improving the overall blood flow. A diet rich in greens, fruits, and vegetables goes a long way in not just easing out the digestive process for me but also the natural administration of vitamins and antioxidants worked much better with the yoga asanas in helping me gain better control of my system.

Calming Our Mind

This brings us back to the issue of Satvik behave or the calming of our mind. The fact that sattva means clarity and essential lightness and a fiber-rich diet, high in legumes, nuts, natural food can easily help in creating the satvik force and helping me achieve better harmony with nature. On the other hand, a processed and animal protein-rich diet dulls the mind and sparks the tamasik and rajasik element in the body. They also take more time in getting digested and can be a strain on the body if there is no balance in the amount of intake of different food groups.

Regulating The System

Another important benefit of a predominantly vegetarian diet I feel is that I am able to regulate my overall system or body much better. The natural elements, the fiber-rich fruits and vegetables which are naturally high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants boost the system with the required armory to deal better with any type of malady. I feel it also worked a long way in improving the immunity and at no point in time do I feel heavy or uncomfortable after a meal.

Concept of Ahimsa

Yoga fundamentally preaches achieving oneness and harmony with nature and nothing can help you achieve it better than following vegetarianism and the concepts of non-violence. It is for this reason that when you stop your dependence and gradually withdraw from animal protein, you also start developing more compassion for your fellow companions and in general all living beings around you.


Alakh Yoga offers the best school of Yoga in India. During our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, We serve vegetarian food to all the Yoga students because it helps to concentrate on yoga practice. So, it would not be wrong to conclude that a predominantly vegetarian diet is an ideal accomplice for my yogic practices. It helps me to rein in my mind and body a lot better and allows me to practice the yoga asanas to their final fruition quite easily.

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