Course Fees Payments

Any student who is interested in participating in our courses or retreats must read about the course and our policies fully before committing to the course. They can also contact or speak to us before filling our application form. Else, once they fill in the application form, our team will contact them and answer all their queries in detail. To confirm, students can choose to pay their course fees, either fully or partially by paying just the booking fees deposit. In case, they choose to pay the deposit, they are requested to complete the payment on arrival. The course fees payment must be made on arrival. In case, you plan to pay via transfers, which can take time, it is important to settle them before you arrive to the school. The school can refuse the participation if the course fees is not paid up after 1-2 days of the course start date. There are different modes of making the payment. You can pay via Cash, Transferwise, Bank Transfer, Card Machine or Paypal.

Please note that for bank transfers, card payments and Paypal, there are additional charges, which are taken by the bank. There are no additional charges on transferwise or cash payments. Basically, we want our course fees to be paid fully to us and any additional charges which might be taken by the transfer companies or banks have to be paid up by the student.

In case of any damages, disruption, break or loss of any item or property damages, the student will immediately pay for the damage at an amount determined by the Management Team.

Refund Policy

All the payments made to AlakhYog School are totally non-refundable. We do not any sort of partial or full refund. Hence, we always advice our students to choose and confirm their plans carefully.

Cancellation Policy

Students can choose to cancel their bookings at any time by writing to us at However, the school will not refund any fees that has been paid. We will charge 100 EUR, if the student opts to change the participation date to any of our course within one year, as transferring charges. Also, we only allow students to postpone their dates once after which their application will be cancelled. In case of any change of dates, if there is a change in the price, the student will have to pay the fees accordingly.

Booking Confirmation

Once you fill in your application form, our team will contact you to send you the details of our course or retreat and to speak with you to answer all your queries before approving your application. Students are then requested to confirm their plans and pay us a booking fees deposit. Verbal confirmation holds no value. Only once, we have received your booking or course fees payment, we will confirm your space with us.

Please note that AlakhYog reserves the “Right to Cancel” the reservation even after the confirmation in case of any false details, information mismatch or behavior related issues. The respective student will be informed accordingly and whatever amount was paid by the student will be refunded accordingly. The AlakhYog school or team will not be responsible for any losses borne by the student.

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