Qualities in Yoga Teachers

Basic Qualities to Look for in Yoga Teacher

A good yoga teacher is someone who cannot just teach you the right asanas but also kindle the enthusiasm within you; this is exactly when you look out for the right yoga teacher. In addition, it would help if you searched for someone who is committed and works tirelessly towards the prosperity of his students. While every teacher has the unique qualities that would set them apart, some qualities are essential. Here is a quick low-down on the five qualities to look for: In-Depth Knowledge As a teacher, it is imminent that the yoga instructor must have expansive knowledge about.... [Read more]
Drinking Water Detoxification Therapy

Drinking Water For Body Detoxification

We love cleaning our house and external environment every day. People spend long hours taking baths. Unfortunately, we skip cleaning the more significant piece of our body, the inner parts. Therefore, our inside parts are similarly shown to toxins and impurities as the outer parts are. For example, take a vehicle. It needs overhauling and cleaning more than the outside one as the equivalent to the body. Now, the issue is how to clean and detoxify the inside parts. Indeed, water is the most reasonable specialist for it. It is one of the best and the most easily available resource.... [Read more]
Benefits of Sattvik Diet

Being Vegetarian Helped in Yoga Practice?

You might have often heard that yoga practice and vegetarianism go hand in hand, and it might have bothered you about why you need to have a vegetarian diet to be a yogi. The crux of the matter is that different kind of food kindle the different parts of our brain. While fruits and vegetables spark the satvik or calming elements in your body, too much meat and protein-rich food invariably incite the rajasic and tamasic element that leads to excitement, anger, or even desires. While there is no reason for absolutely abstaining from non-veg but a predominantly vegetarian diet.... [Read more]
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